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One of the most intimidating moments in your Doctor's office occurs while being scolded about your test results. Learning that you have a chronic condition that has to be managed by diet, can lead to confusion and frustration, especially if you do not know where to begin. Spiced Living provides Nutrition Counseling to those who wish to make healthier choices in their diet. We are certified in nutrition and wellness counseling, and can show you how to change your lifestyle to achieve optimal results. 

Our Services:
  • Kitchen Raid (Baltimore Metropolitan Area only)
    • Consists of coming to your home and inspecting your pantry and fridge and educating you about the food items that you should not have, and encouraging replacements.

  • Meal Plans
    • We can develop tailored meal plans to help you reach your goals!

  • Healthy Cooking Lessons
    • Not the best cook? Book us to give you a 1 on 1 lesson on healthy and delicious cooking methods, meal prepping for success, and cooking for a family. 

Email us at sales@spicedliving.com to get started!

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